Twin Wall Chimney Systems

If you haven't got a chimney then we have the perfect

solution for you.

System chimneys can be installed if you either don't have

a chimney or you want your wood burning stove in a

different location to where your existing chimney is.

The benefits of having a twin wall chimney system are

that you can install them almost anywhere in your home,

they are specially designed so you can safely pass

through floors, joists and loft spaces etc, they generally

have a small clearance to combustibles normally in the

region of 50mm to  80mm.

We install fires using system chimneys and they look

amazing especially when you don't have a chimney but

want it to appear as if you did.

We can build chimney breasts  installing the flue

discreetly behind the block work, so to anyone who

doesn't know this is a normal masonry chimney.

Twin Wall Chimney Systems

No chimney! No problem!

Don't panic if you don't have a masonary chimney as system chimneys are a perfect solution if there is no suitable flue available