Appliance Servicing and Maintenance

It is important to keep your appliance serviced and maintained, as it

could be unsafe, or prevent it to function efficiently. We can supply

and fit parts for most makes and models of stoves, below is a few

common problems.

1. Glass cracked

2. Rope seals are perished or not present

3 Firebricks cracked

4. Baffle pate is warped or melted which is the plate inside the

appliance which helps prevent the heat from going straight up the


5. Joints on appliance have cracked or perished for example if you use

fire cement on the spigot eventually it will crack and harmful gases

could spill

6. Warped or melted grate

7. Cracked or melted stove body in these circumstances we would

advise you to purchase a new appliance

Twin Wall Chimney Systems

No chimney! No problem!

Don't panic if you don't have a masonary chimney as system chimneys are a perfect solution if there is no suitable flue available